Carol Sharp

Insight for the Blind - Staff - Carol SharpVolunteer Coordinator and Digital Magazine Producer

It was New Year’s Eve 1957 in a Minnesota farmhouse.  A family of eight was gathered around the TV watching the Orange Bowl parade in Miami.  Outside, the snow was up to the windows and tunnels had to be dug to reach the barns where the family’s horses – which they bred, trained, and sold – were kept.  Suddenly, Carol jumped up, pointed at the screen filled with people in shorts and tee shirts and asked, “Where is THAT?!” At that moment, the stage was set for a journey that would bring Carol to warmer climes.

It was a most interesting journey.  She learned how to groom and train dogs, drove race cars professionally,owned two restaurants, and then, following in the footsteps of one of her sisters, ended up at the Broadcasting School in Fort Lauderdale.  It was there she met her future husband, Harry.  Following graduation, Harry and Carol moved to the Orlando area and worked together on a top-rated radio station until it was sold.

The couple returned to Fort Lauderdale and Carol became the overseer of plants and animals at the world-famous Jungle Queen.  When an opening presented itself at Insight in 1994, Carol came to work as Volunteer Coordinator where she uses her many talents to make sure that Insight’s patrons receive the best possible recordings.  Carol certainly knows the importance of Talking Books -- her vision problems related to diabetes have made her a recipient for many years.

Over the years,Carol has become proficient in many art mediums, including designing and creating jewelry using a torch with hot glass and on any given day, she’ll be wearing one of her most recent creations!

When asked about her many years at Insight, Carol says with a big smile, “My life had been lacking the day-to-day gratification of knowing I was helping others.  Insight has made that happen.”