Harry Sharp

Insight for the Blind - Staff - Harry SharpStudio Manager

It all started with a Fortune Cookie. The year was 1991, and Harry was beginning to get discouraged.  Harry and his wife, Carol, had returned to South Florida following the sale of the large Orlando radio station where they were both part of a highly-rated morning show.  Broadcasting jobs were hard to find in Fort Lauderdale, so Harry returned to work in Construction Management…

Harry grew up in the Philadelphia area and, following his years at the University of Delaware, was employed by major construction companies in the area.  Following the completion of a 65 million dollar hospital project in Philadelphia he was recruited and brought to Florida in 1973 to manage construction claims for a condo developer.

In 1976 he accepted a position on a large project in Tehran, Iran, and upon his return to Florida found himself able to pursue a dream he’d had since college.  “I returned to school and entered the low-paying world of Broadcasting.  As a plus, I met my future wife Carol at the school and upon our graduation, we set out to make the big time.  It didn’t work out that way.”  Thus the return to construction. 

The project Harry was working on ground to a halt and he was actively looking for employment.  Which brings us back to 1991 and that Fortune Cookie!  “The little piece of paper in that cookie said…The person is truly blessed who knows when he has enough.That piece of paper changed the direction of my life and brought me, in a very short period of time, to Insight.  In just a few years following, it brought my wife Carol here as well.  We both feel so fortunate to be able to work together doing something that is spiritually rewarding for us and beneficial to so many others.”