Volunteer Spotlight

Vintage Car Collector - David Salzman

We know our volunteers have so many interesting and varied hobbies and we thought you would enjoy learning about David Salzman's work restoring classic cars. David is a Monday Volunteer who commutes to Insight from Jupiter! David’s pride and joy – A 1957 Dual-Ghia – VIN# 105!

The Dual-Ghia was the result of Detroit entrepreneur and industrialist Eugene Cassarol’s vision and relationship formed with Chrysler which enabled him to acquire the Dodge Firebomb, fourth in the Dodge Firearrow (1953) concept series. With the Firebomb as a design template 1956 Dodge chassis were shipped to Carrozzeria Ghia where they hand-crafted bodies and interiors then shipped rolling chassis back to Chrysler for the 260 HP 315 CI Dodge Hemi V8 and Chrysler Powerflite automatic transmission powertrain. Sold through Dodge dealerships for $7,646 the car attracted a celebrity clientele including future Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Regan, Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, Hoagie Carmichael, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. A total of 99 cars were built.

This example is car number five of the original production run. It has had a meticulous six year complete total restoration recently completed by Whitehall Auto Sales of Hopkinton, MA. The original owner Esther Jacobson, was the matriarch of the Detroit area based Jacobson’s department store chain. The car has been restored as closely as possible to its original configuration. With the intent of bringing #105 back to its original configuration the final result is at once noteworthy and breathtaking. It is quite possibly the best Dual-Ghia example in existence. (Check out the Blue Ribbon!)