Volunteer Spotlight

Insight's own Movie Star - Maureen Solomon

I'm always impressed by the humility of our volunteers.  We had to find out about Maureen's latest acting assignment through the proverbial grapevine, but we were able to catch up with her for a little bit of info about her role in "Parker", which opens in theaters on January 25th.

Maureen, a professional actress and model, plays the role of a Palm Beach matriarch, Mrs. Fritz, and is in a couple of scenes toward the end of the film.  While none of the movie's lead actors (Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham, just to name a couple!) were on set when her scenes were shot, Maureen was fortunate to meet Dame Helen Mirren and described that as the most exciting part of the whole experience -- and who could blame her?!  I've seen Maureen in countless print ads and television commercials, but never before in a feature film so this will be exciting! Congratulations, Maureen!

The picture below shows Maureen (center) along with board member Billie Hairston (left) and volunteer narrator Mindy Dolandis (right).  In case anyone was wondering, that medal around Maureen's neck was awarded many years ago for 1,000 hours of volunteer service.  Her current total stands at over 1,700 hours volunteered to Insight...  though it hardly seems adequate, thank you!   -M.C.